Hello. I'm Gill Brophy.

As a teenager, I had a few seconds of fame when I won a competition with the late great Tony Hart's television programme.  Drawing and painting became very important to me, and later became a hobby which has grown over the years into more of an obsession.  There is something about the immersion into a piece of artwork which is all-absorbing ...  to have a whole day to play, undisturbed and without pressure, is bliss.   

Over the years I have enjoyed the companionship of many talented people who have shared their skills in classes and workshops, and for this I thank them very much.   The encouragement of others is invaluable.  

These tiny photographs don't do the paintings justice.  If you would like good quality photographs of the paintings 'hung' to give you a better idea of size, please let me know and I will respond promptly.   





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